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Searching for an item

The search facility can be found at the top of every page of the site, and allows you to search for an item using a keyword or item number.

An item number is 7 digits long (e.g. AB123 CD) and can be found when you are looking at an item on the website,in the catalogue or in a leaflet or advert. Simply type the number into the search box and click go. A page showing all the details of your item should be displayed. If you are told your item number is incorrect, check that you have typed in all 7 digits correctly, and that you have not substituted the letter I for the number 1, or the letter O for the number 0. If you still cannot find the item, you could try a keyword search instead.

When searching for items using keywords, use words which are likely to be in the name or description of the item.

If you choose Advanced Search, you can also enter the colour, price range or size you are interested in, although the more search criteria you enter, the fewer search results will be returned.

If your search finds some appropriate items their pictures will be displayed for you to browse through. You can see a bigger version of each picture by holding your mouse over it. The number of items in the list will be shown in the top left corner of the page and you can scroll through the pages in the list using the arrow buttons in that corner. When you find an item you like, click on it for more details.

The keyword search only searches for items. It will not find:

1. Account numbers (Instead, go to 'sign in' to access your account)

2. Information within the site, such as 'Delivery policy' (You may instead find what you are looking for in 'Terms & Conditions' at the bottom of each page)

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